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"We are a species that needs and wants to understand who we are. Sheep lice do not seem to share this longing, which is one reason why they write so little. But we do. We have so much we want to say and figure out.”

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Another red-letter day! Glorious time spent with daughter ... shopping, dinner, conversation ... photo opportunities for future scrapbooking pages. Met two women who are likely to become friends. Discovered a ridiculous kitty stroller that I feel inclined to purchase. My beautiful Himalayan needs some fresh air, too! Bought an a-m-a-z-i-n-g trench-style coat for $75. Unique sleeve detailing. Most exciting: Half price. Woot!
Imbibed in delicious coffee in a bistro-type setting. Elizabeth and I shared a cannoli. Decadent. I picked out a 25th wedding anniversary ring from Tivol's. It's only $13,000. A quick math calculation: an expenditure of 1.5 pennies a day (for the last 25 years). Reasonable, indeed!
A 45-minute walk with neighbor gals (an indoor track, so necessary considering the hateful humidity!). Time to blog, catch up on my e-mails.
Two videos and leftover lasagna waiting for me. Clean sheets on the bed.
Heaven on Earth.


Bee said...

Everything sounds good, with the exception of the kitty stroller. You are kidding, right?

Glad you are feeling exuberant, though.

Kate said...

I am only 25 percent kidding. At first, when I saw the contraption at a pet boutique yesterday, I thought, "Only in America would this product exist for cat consumers to taxi their tabbies." I was off-put. No wonder most of the world thinks we Americans are spoiled clods.
Two minutes passed. My second thought was, "What kind of person has money to throw around on such an item when homes are being foreclosed left and right?"
And then, upon closer inspection of the stroller (it's a regular pram-type deal with a meshed zip carrier attached), my third thought was this: Abby would love finally getting to go outside.
My fourth thought: How many neighbors will tease me, and at what level of intensity?
And now my fifth thought, having read your post: Very bad idea altogether.
Thanks for the save, Bee!

Bee said...

Doesn't your kitty get to do some freestyle roaming?

Kate said...

No roaming at all. She's front-paw declawed. When we got Abigail Kat six years ago, her previous owner told us that she was "strictly an inside cat," and the only time she'd ever been outside was to go to the vet (in a zipped mesh carrier).
Because we live only two blocks from an interstate, we keep Abby indoors. Also, our newest cat, Cat, who showed up on our front porch the night my dad died, is strictly an indoor kitty. (Also declawed.)
When we had our farm in Nebraska, about 20 feral cats lingered about the barn and back door -- and they were strictly, of course, outdoor cats. Tried to bring one of the kittens into the house, but that didn't work out too well.
BTW: I'm about mid-way through the Julie/Julia book. Not liking it as much now that the blog aspect is becoming more apparent. Still, the reading is pleasant!