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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Not doing well eating well ...

Considering school starts OFFICIALLY Monday, Aug. 18, it occurred to me very recently that my new students might, just might, given the size of my newest upper abdominal fat roll, think their communication arts teacher is a pregnant communication arts teacher.
Seriously. I look about six months along, unless I'm exhibiting a strategic suck-it-in maneuver and standing straight on, no profile view. Where this fat roll came from I have no clear idea.
I have several foggy ideas, however, and these explanations have mostly to do with cheese. Vast cheese consumption, as a matter of fact. I love cheese -- in any form (cubed, shredded, melted) and in most any flavor (cheddar, mozzarella, provolone). Pretty much I've visited the Cheese World most of this summer and sampled about six thousand bites.
Is there time to look, maybe, say, four months along? Is it even possible to lose fifteen pounds in eighteen days?
Feeling panicky.

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Bee said...

Well, you look very nice in your picture . . . but as I'm struggling with my own post-vacation weight gain, I will just say that the same thoughts are on my mind.

My friend's sister is such a cheese lover that she can lose weight just be cutting out that one thing.

I may try to cut out "bad" carbs -- which is not very nice for me as I love to bake. Tell me of your progress!