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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sixteen days ...

In sixteen days America will choose a new leader.
We need a transformer, not a maverick.
Barack Obama can bring real change to America. The senator from Illinois will certainly have my vote come November 4.
Yesterday, I, along with 75,000 fellow Kansas Citians, stood in front of the Liberty Memorial to hear this intelligent visionary articulate his plan to TRANSFORM America's economy, healthcare and educational systems, global standing, and the environment of which we all inhabit.
He is change I can believe in. In my forty-three years I have experienced moments of eye-watering intensity: the birth of my three children (happy tears). Watching the towers fall that horrible day in September (tears of horror), Bush 41's Gulf War declaration (tears of fear). Yesterday's AMAZING gathering of old and young, black and white, a diverse demographic waving its arms in the air and applauding the dynamic words of the man we're hoping can, indeed, turn this country around.
Those were tears of pride.
God Bless Barack Obama.


Elsa said...

I wish I could have been there. I'm proud of you, Mom.

Bee said...

I'm with you. Fingers crossed for our country.

I mailed off my absentee ballot last week!

2Cents said...

Not to rain on the parade, but exactly what transformation do you think he's going to bring about? Just curious...