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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Spilling my blog guts!

One of my favorite bloggers, Audrey, has recently conducted an on-line interview. Here are the five questions she has posed in order to learn more about Mom Sequitur.

1. What film best reflects your life and why?
THE BIG FISH, by Tim Burton (based on the novel by Daniel Wallace). Because I'm a Leo and therefore enjoy (at times) being the center of attention, I've longed to be a big fish in a big pond.
As it is, however, I turned out to be a medium-sized fish in one of those murky goldfish indoor ponds frequently seen in Chinese restaurant lobbies.
I consider THE BIG FISH one of the finest movies I've ever seen. I recommend it to nearly every person I meet. And, it is true when I tell them that this movie made me feel comfortable with death and dying.

2. Do you have any unfulfilled childhood ambitions?
Definitely! I didn't have enough children. As a child, I wanted to be the quintessential Catholic Mama, a stay-at-home-barefoot-and-pregnant-meatloaf-mixin'-breastfeedin'-rosary-prayin'-mother-of-nine. The children would wear Saints medals and hand-me-downs that always looked spiffy because Catholic Mamas are superb laundresses. I would have Priscilla Presley hair and wear lots of eye liner. My husband, who'd be named Michael or John, or Michael-John, would delight in my perpetually swollen belly and kiss me often in church. There would always be enough money, even though we sent nine children through Catholic Schools, Grade K-12, because we tithed our full percent and were good stewards of the treasure God had bestowed upon us!
Reality: I have three children. Two of them have "left" the church. (They are, however, named after Saints ... Catherine, Thomas, and Elizabeth!) My husband did NOT share in my childhood fantasy to parent so many children. Sometimes I feel a little resentful, especially considering I'm in my forties now and the window of motherhood has closed.

3. What is the most important object in your house?
One of my 800 or so books. I am a true bibliophile. I love the smell of a book, the weight of it in my hands, the feel of the pages. Finally, after YEARS of begging and pleading and, oh, yeah, I'll say it: NAGGING!, my husband constructed built-in shelves for the living room. Whenever I walk into the house, I am instantly calmed by the comfort and wisdom emanating from the shelves.

4. Do you have any secret talents or skills?
For some reason, I excel at leg wrestling. I think I could take down a pro wrestler. Really.

5. If you could travel through time where would you like to go?
The Victorian Era! I'd like to be a wealthy woman, however, and have lots of embroidery to do to while away the hours. Bring on the patterned wallpaper and abundance of ferns, let me wear the corsets and hats with feathers! My favorite Web site is I peruse it frequently.

Would YOU like to be interviewed?
Write "Ask Me" in the response line, and I'll get some interview questions out to you!
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Elsa Stander said...

My oh my, Momma Bean, you are proned to the hyperbole, arntcha? Except about the books. I think you might be strategically underestimating.

Must not let people know we could use them as furniture if a catastrophe ruined the couch and chairs. No no. It would be telling.

Audrey said...

I LOVED this! I especially like your childhood ambition to be a Catholic mother with loads of kids and all that entails! Damnit, now I wish I was a Catholic moma too especially if it means I get to smoke and have Priscilla Pressley hair. So, so jealous.

Bee said...

K, you are so funny!

I love Big Fish, too. I don't know why it wasn't better-loved.