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Monday, January 19, 2009

Yes! A "found" grocery list

There must be something wrong with me that I delight in discovering someone's left-behind-in-the-cart shopping list. It's just so ... so ... real, the idea that we're all connected by/through food and beverage and light bulbs, that someone else was using my shopping cart before me, and that someone else would be using that same cart after me. I know this sounds a bit odd. Anyone else enjoy perusing some other shopper's list?
Found Jan. 18, 2009, at a Target in Kansas City North; half a sheet of "Colorado" memo pad, a snow-capped mountain heading the narrow paper; the list reads exactly as such:

1/2 & 1/2
Dish Brush
lite Bulbs

Part of me wants to create a bogus list and then purposely leave it behind. Something like:

Weight Watchers frozen entrees
Chocolate bars (quantity 12)
Feminine hygiene products
Ben & Jerry's Phish Food (quantity 5)

Now who wouldn't want to find that list? Or, better yet, follow the woman out and invite her to an impromptu Bunco gathering.
I once had this delightful Price Chopper cashier ring me up, a middle-aged bespectacled gal, and with nearly item she scanned a comment came with it.
"Oh, I see you make your lasagna with ricotta, not cottage cheese. Good for you. As my Grand-Nana Bernadette always said, the "ri-cotha" is worth every penny. ... I've tried this brand of garlic bread ... a bit too greasy for me, if you know what I mean. Do you make your meatballs half Italian (she pronounced this like "Eye-talian") sausage, half ground round?"
Instead of being annoyed with her, I liked the conversation.


Blame It On Nik said...

I used to work at Whole Foods Market in college - one of my fellow cashiers used to collect people shopping list. I think for quite the same reason you delight in finding them. But she would also actively proofread them - something I thought was a bit irritating.

Audrey said...

Or 12 bottles of Tequila
3 boxes of diapers
3 boxes of babywipes
12 jars babyfood
2 cases of beer

How scary would THAT be?!

Bee said...

I like grocery lists, too -- for the same reason. This nosiness (curiousity?) about my fellow creatures also leads me to inspect the contents of shopping trolleys . . .

I've never had an English cashier comment on my purchases . . . but we nearly always exchange feedback on the weather!

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bag of ale (as per Audrey's suggestion?)