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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pie ... PIE ... PIE!!!

Two Sundays ago, after leaving the sanctuary, a small tow-headed boy about six years old rapidly approached me, his head bobbing.
"Wanna buy a pie for your guy?" he asked. I saw that his two front teeth were absent. "We have all kinds of pies for your guys!" He beamed. I had a desire to kiss him, or pat him on his head.
"Come here. I'll show you!" He led me to a table set up in the narthex. There stood two grandmotherly looking women (one of whom turned out to be, in fact, this boy's Mee-Maw).
"It's a fundraiser for the church," Mee-Maw said. "I see that Joey got you. He's a little salesman, that one. Going to do great things one of these days."
Joey nodded his head, smiled broadly. "So what pies do you want? We have cream pies and fruit pies and nut pies, but I don't like nuts, I'm allergic, they make me feel like I'm dying, so I think you should buy a cream pie or a fruit pie. For your guy."
About this time, my guy, my husband, caught up to me at the table. He'd been in the bathroom, having forced his bladder to hold two cups of coffee for the duration of Mass.
"Is this your guy?" Joey asked. "Ask him what kind of pie he likes best!"
At this point, I figured my husband would order several, as he's a sucker for two things in this life: pie (any kind of pie, really), and little children soliciting the sale of Name Something (grocery store coupon books, Boy Scout popcorn, Girl Scout cookies, overpriced wrapping paper at holiday time ~)
"Tell me what you got," my guy said, and then Joey rattled off what he'd told me earlier, including the part about his allergy to nut pies.
"I'll take one cream pie and one fruit pie," my guy ordered.
So many choices now came, rapid-fire, from the future Businessman of the Year.
Deep breath first: "OK, we have coconut cream pie, banana cream pie, chocolate cream pie, and lemon mang pie." Another breath. "We have apple pie, cherry pie, blueberry pie, peach pie, and rhubob pie."
Mee-Maw smiled proudly. Her little guy had done her proud.
All we had to do was pay up front for the pies and the local bakery in town would prepare them, made to order, for pick-up on Saturday, June 16. The day before my guy's Day: Father's Day.
I just got back from the bakery. In addition to picking up what we'd ordered from Joey, I chose "Buy 3-Get 3 free" macadamia nut cookies (my all-time favorite) and an enormous chocolate brownie studded with what looked like chopped pecans.
I ate half of the brownie and one of the cookies on the drive home.
Turns out I'm a sucker for ready-to-eat sweets. (Not new news.)

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