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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bye-Bye, Time Sucks

Well, one could guess. It's Facebook that's distracting me from writing and reading. Here it is, nearly June, and I've only read six books. Grr. At this rate, I will not meet my goal of reading 50 books by December 31.
And then there's this little game called Bakery Story, a sweet little app the little guy I nanny for introduced me to several months ago. It's a virtual bakery, and for the chubby girl inside me who could eat coconut layer cake every day for the rest of her life, Bakery Story is a daily dose of deliciousness. I'm pretty damned good at this game, based on my Four-Star Rating, and dozens of other players who requested I "add" them to the "neighborhood."
By the time I bake croissants and cinnamon rolls and brew espresso and whip up chocolate soy shakes, it is no hyperbole to state that I probably spend anywhere from ninety minutes to five hours a day attached to my iPhone and "Kay's Place." (Speaking of which, I just opened the app, only to find that I earned 14,368 coins while I was away ... having been absent for about one hour.)
Although I have never met BigMama or Aleisha in person, they send me virtual gifts daily (chocolate cake and cappuccinos). I tell you: Bakery Story is a Time Suck like none other. At least with this game, though, I feel good about myself.
Facebook? Different story. I need to get away from this sucky social app because every time I read about someone's awesome job, or amazing raise I get a little jealous. And, I get A LOT jealous when I read about a friend's new publishing contract, or her newest book release. Of course she's earned her Writing Life and isn't spending hours a day in the "kitchen" turning out celebration trifles and black forest cakes.
In a (candy-coated) nutshell, Kay needs to get away from her fake bakery and facebook page. Soon. Like, maybe, today?

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