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Saturday, March 29, 2008

How about library work?

OK. Here's the deal: I have an opportunity to "step down" from classroom teaching to move into the library, as an instructional aide. This means my primary job responsibilities would be shelving books and checking out books to middle school students.
Supposing I try for this position, which I'll probably get, considering I am more-than-qualified, that would mean I would have: a) no more lessons to plan; b) no more papers to grade; c) no more parent meetings to endure; d) no more IEP's or 504's; e) no more MAP preparation; f) no more papers to grade; g) no more surly kids (surly kids in the library are promptly asked to leave); h) no more teacher evaluations (weekly walk-throughs of my classroom); i) no more papers to grade.
Hmm ... .
Supposing I do, in fact, get this position, I will be paid approximately $20K less. That's a chunk of change.
Hmm ... .

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