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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Forensicating in Alabama ...

So the child I was ready to give away a few days back is in Birmingham, Alabama, this week competing in a national forensics competition. No, not the dead body sort of forensics, but the sort involving humorous interpretation of literature. She and her AMAAAAZZing partner, Emma, are showcasing their hysterical parody of Stephenie Myers (sp?) TWILIGHT saga.
Very funny this act is, the sort of funny that if you suffer from any sort of bladder malfunction you might want to bring along something depend-able.
Elizabeth phoned (breathlessly) last evening to announce that their TWILIGHT piece seemed to be delighting judges and that they'd made the first two "breaks" in competition. From around the nation 222 duo acts went to the southern state, and from that number Elizabeth and Emma have survived the first two cuts: they're now in the Top 30. Later this afternoon, E. will call to tell us if they've gone further. She's elated to have made it this far, and although she says she'll be "fine" if they "lose" I know she'll taste the bitter pill of disappointment. Still, it's quite an accomplishment! Needless to say, I await somewhat nervously the phone call ... .
On a separate note, the law-school son and I have been obsessed with watching WEST WING episodes, a show that aired back in the late 90's and somehow sneaked into evening programming without me knowing about it. I hate to come late to pop culture, but that sort of thing seems to be my modus operandi. My sister-in-law lent the seven-seasons catalog to my son and now he and I are staying up until 2 in the morning laughing and exchanging worried glances concerning the situations Josh and Sam and C.J., and, of course, President Bartlett get themselves into. It's quite a show!
The Prairie Relatives are coming to visit this Friday. Whoop! Seriously, no sarcasm. I do so love company coming!!

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Bee said...

I would love to see the Twilight spoof. Good luck to your daughter and her partner as they forensicate. (Does she get her sense of humor from YOU by any chance?)

That's funny about West Wing because my husband and I just bought the entire boxed set of DVDs and have recently started Season One. We were convinced that we were the only people in the Western world who hadn't seen it.