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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fifty books, fifty movies, and me

Just signed up for an amazing challenge: Read fifty books and see fifty movies in one year.
My writer friend posted a link to the 50/50 challenge on her Facebook page a few days ago, and ever since it's all I've been thinking about. Well, that and Indian food. Taj Majal opened in Liberty about six weeks ago and I've been there half a dozen times. My new deathrow last-meal request is now going to be chicken tikki masala and onion naan.
But I digress.
My "major" in this reading/viewing challenge is to read fif ... fift ... fifty books that have garnered National Book Award status (Read: Big Deal; Impressive Literary Award). Going to start with a YA Title: What I Saw and How I Lied by Judy Blundell.
I intend to blog about each book and movie as I go.
Oh yeah, my "minor" is to watch fifty movies that started out as books.
I can already see, ten minutes into fully grasping this challenge, that it is going to be difficult to focus only on NBA and book/movies: I will try my best, but I am already admitting that a random novel from my bookshelf is going to sneak in, or a movie one of the offspring brings into the house will end up in the DVD player.
DEFINITELY I will be reading above-mentioned writer friend's YA novel Hate List, which collected numerous awards, too. Her name: Jennifer Brown.
And I know her. Feels good to know a "real-live-publishing-author"!
Maybe someday I'll get there myself. If not, I'll have a heckuva good time reading good books and seeing good movies.

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