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Monday, February 4, 2013

Go Daddy kissing ad shocks me for a different reason

If you were one of the bazillion people who tuned in yesterday to watch Super Bowl XLVII, you probably saw the Go Daddy ad featuring NASCAR darling Danica Patrick, a Victoria's Secret model named Bar Refaeli, and a character actor, Jesse Heiman, who is supposed to represent nerdy unattractiveness. Refaeli's blonde and lithe and cheekbone-sculpted;  he's overweight, ruddy-complexioned, bespectacled, and frizzy-haired. She looks like a WASP-y angel; he looks like a Jew who's eaten too many latkes.
Here's my chief gripe. We're supposed to be grossed out by a beautiful person kissing a not-so-beautiful person.
It's that idea that I find offensive, not the sucking-smooching sounds that people on talk radio are complaining about today.
What? Ugly people aren't supposed to kiss? And ~ oh my goodness! ~ call the police! Call television stations! Call Talk Radio! THERE'S AN UGLY PERSON KISSING A PRETTY PERSON!! Say it isn't so!
Is anyone else beyond tired concerning the superficiality of pretty vs. ugly?
C'mon, America. You have a lot more to be worried and upset about.

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